Filming at Abbey Road Studio in London, the most famous recording studio in the world (The Beatles recording almost all of their songs here).

Christopher and his mom with Pastor Joel Osteen

Hanging with my friend Apollonia ( she played Prince's love interest in the movie, "Purple Rain").

She's a really cool friend, one of my favorite people in the world!

Christopher w/ the late violinist Isaac Stern at the musician's New York City apartment.  Sadly, Mr. Stern died just a few months after this photo was taken and Christopher was one of the last people to do a television interview with him.  Of the Maestro, Christopher says: "He was such a nice man.  He had a great smile and a great sense of humor.  When he first came into the room, the entire room fell silent as this legend walked in. Everyone in the room just froze, it was amazing.  He was truly a legend and it was an honor to spend time with him."